Fire Doors

We are offering Fire Doors and Fire Partitions in standard as well as customized options to meet our customer’s requirements. Our range of fire doors comprises of fire doors, fire partition UL labeled fire doors, fire doors as per BS476 & IS3614.These are manufactured in accordance with International quality standards and are available in various sizes.

UL Labelled Fire Doors

Steel Fire Doors and frames are available for use in Industries, Hotels, High-rise Buildings, Apartment Buildings, Hospitals, Airports, Public Utility Buildings, Power Plants, Textile Plants, Pharmaceuticals etc.
Agew steel introduces for the first time in India, THE WIDEST RANGE OF FIRE DOOR products for use in construction with internationally recognized UL labels. These UL (Underwriter's Laboratories Inc., USA) labelled fire doors along with UL labelled frames, UL labelled side light & borrowed light frames, UL labelled transom frames, double egress doors & frames are manufactured with technical know-how from Karpen Steel USA who have experience of more than 50 years in manufacturing Hollow pressed metal doors. These doors are of seamless edge flush type, fully welded, vertically steel stiffened & are available with a wide variety of hardware for use in varied applications. The doors are available in ratings of 3 hours, 1 1/2 hours, 45 min. & 20 min. labels. Frames are available in 3 hour & 1 1/2 hour ratings & side light, borrowed light & transom window frames in 45 min., & 20 min. Labels.
UL standards:
All door assemblies confirm to UL 10B standards for safety. For more details refer UL standard for safety & fire tests of door assemblies. A typical UL fire test consists of mounting the door assembly in masonry and is subjected to fire endurance test as per their rating. Immediately following the fire endurance test the door assembly is subjected to the impact, erosion, & cooling effects of a hose stream. The test assembly should withstand the fire endurance test and hose stream test without developing an opening anywhere through the assembly.
Vision Panel:
Fire Doors With Vision Panel. panel are offered in customized as well as standard options, as per the requirements of clients. These fire doors with view panel (except 3 hour UL fire door) can be provided with vision panel and fire rated clear wire glass, if required. Our fire doors comply with industry recommended quality standards and norms.

Fire Doors as per BS476part20-22 and IS3614

Agew Steel also offer fire doors as per BS476 (part20-22)duly tested at CBRI Roorkee and are available for fire ratings of up to 2 hours. These fire doors are fully welded and have a seamless flush edge. And can be provided in several profiles to suit the site conditions and specific requirements of clients.

Fire Partition Doors

Agew Steel are engaged in manufacturing UL labeled Fire Partitions also. These fire partition/fire windows are available in sizes up to 13'.6" x 12'.0". The fire partition and fire windows offered by us can be used in combination with door openings. These meet the industry recommended quality standards.

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